Thermal equilibrium

I am an ice baby.

My mum’s starving cells are boiled with low temperature

That’s why I’m dead between the arms of the woman who bare me.

Neither she or cops dare to touch me

I am an ice baby

If they embrace me, I will fall apart

If they ignore me, I will melt

The truth is… It doesn’t matter

I don’t know what being alive is like

They can do everything they want with me

As you did yesterday,  when you passed by me on your way

to the grocery

Yesterday I was a hot blood and powerful lungs baby

You would know, If you didn’t always walk with the music attached to your ears.

La, La, land.

Today I’m also a viral baby

The tragedy of the day on your timeline

your saviour anger racing

headlines, likes, 140 features, gifs, memes.

Yesterday I was oxygen,

today solidified water

Tomorrow, no one.